Nintendo's Switch year in review site is now live

Admit it, you've spent 25 hours playing Suika Game too, right?

Photo by Sam Rutherford/Engadget

It's time to find out just how long you've spent playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom, Pikmin 4 and Suika Game on your Nintendo Switch this year. Hot on the heels of Sony and Microsoft releasing their year in review tools, Nintendo has followed suit with one of its own.

Log into the web app with your Nintendo account and you'll see the first game you played on your Switch this year. You can then scroll down to see how many different games you've checked out on the console on our most recent trip around the sun, as well as your total playtime.

Along with a breakdown of your most-played games this year, Nintendo will reveal your gaming trends — i.e. a chart breaking down your Switch gaming time by genre. Naturally, Nintendo will condense these details and info about your busiest months in terms of playtime into shareable cards.

Nintendo's year in review app is fairly bare bones compared with the ones Sony and Microsoft put together this year. Still, it can be a fun way to help you look back at your year in gaming. And don't worry about all the other things you could have done with the time you spent playing games. Self-care is important.