NVIDIA may have been hit by a cyberattack

The company says it's 'investigating an incident.'

Handout . / reuters

NVIDIA's email systems and developer tools have reportedly been experiencing outages over the last two days due to a suspected cyberattack. The company told The Telegraph, which first reported on the issue, that it was "investigating an incident" and didn't have anything else to share for now.

The company is believed to be dealing with a "malicious network intrusion" that, in the words of one person with knowledge of the situation, "completely compromised" NVIDIA's internal systems. Some of its email services were said to be back online on Friday. It's not yet clear whether hackers obtained data on NVIDIA or its customers if this is actually a cyberattack.

There's currently no evidence tying the incident to Russia, following concerns it would retaliate against the West with cyberwarfare. The US and other nations slapped Russia with sanctions after it invaded Ukraine on Thursday, including a moratorium on exporting semiconductors to the country.

"We have no information to suggest a specific credible cyber threat against the US homeland, but it is our responsibility to be prepared," secretary of homeland security Alejandro Mayorkas said this week, before Russia commenced its military offensive.

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