NVIDIA's DLSS upscaling comes to 'Rust' and a wave of Linux games

It's already due to reach 'Doom Eternal' and 'Red Dead 2.'

Facepunch Studios

NVIDIA's Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) is about to reach a host of big-name games — and more titles that don't rely on Windows. The company has announced that Facepunch Studios' survival hit Rust is adding DLSS support on July 1st. That's on top of a slew of already-revealed major titles receiving DLSS, including Doom Eternal (which also gets ray-traced reflections) on June 29th and, at an unspecified point, Red Dead Redemption 2.

You can also expect to see DLSS in more Linux titles. A driver update arriving on June 22nd will enable DLSS in Vulkan-based games using the Proton compatibility layer. If a Windows game isn't quite running smoothly enough on your Linux rig, the AI-powered tech might make it more enjoyable. You'll have to wait until the fall for a boost to DirectX games, but this should still help with the likes of Doom Eternal and No Man's Sky.

As always, DLSS helps by using deep learning to upscale a game from a base resolution to a higher one. While the output won't quite match native quality, it's close enough that it can put 4K gaming within reach for people who'd otherwise have to settle for a 'lowly' 1080p or 1440p. That's particularly important for frame rate-dependent games like Doom.