NVIDIA brings its Instagram-style game filters to GeForce Now

It will also automatically capture 'Destiny 2' highlights for you.


The next time you fire up NVIDIA’s GeForce Now, you’ll be able to drastically change up the look of whatever game you’re playing. The company is rolling out its Freestyle tech across the service, through which players can slap Instagram-style filters onto their games.

NVIDIA is integrating the tech at driver level for what it says is “seamless compatibility” with a long list of supported titles. For instance, you might apply sepia tones, beef up the color and contrast, reduce blue light in night mode or turn on HDR. Freestyle is available today on the GeForce Now PC and macOS apps. You can modify and apply filters through the in-game overlay.

Whether or not you actually use the Freestyle filters, the update means that NVIDIA is aligning its streaming service a little closer to its native gaming experience. At the very least, you’ll miss out on one fewer feature if you opt for GeForce Now over a high-end graphics card.

Elsewhere, NVIDIA has added Highlights support to Destiny 2. The feature uses smart pattern and image recognition to automatically detect and capture important gameplay moments, so you can share them elsewhere later without having to remember to manually create clips.

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