NVIDIA and Intel used compromised SolarWinds software

The list of affected organizations keeps growing.

Sergio Flores / reuters

Fallout from the SolarWinds hack continues to expand. A handful of major tech companies, including NVIDIA and Intel, have joined the growing list of organizations affected by the unprecedented hack US officials have blamed on Russia.

The Wall Street Journal now reports it has new evidence that at least two dozen companies — including NVIDIA, Intel, Cisco and Belkin — used SolarWinds’ Orion software. The compromised software gave hackers “potential access to much sensitive corporate and personal data,” according to the report.

The fact that these firms were impacted in some way isn’t necessarily surprising. SolarWinds has hundreds of thousands of customers, including multiple government agencies and hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft. SolarWinds has reported that up to 18,000 of its customers were using the malicious version of Orion, but hasn’t disclosed exact figures. For companies that were using it. it’s also unclear just how much damage may have been done, as the firms are still investigating.

But so far, tech companies seem to be downplaying its severity, while saying little else. Intel told The WSJ that it “has found no evidence the hackers used the backdoor to access the company’s network,” while NVIDIA told the paper it has “no evidence at this time that NVIDIA was adversely affected.” Likewise, Belkin said “there has been no known negative impact identified to date,” and Cisco said “there is no known impact to Cisco offers or products.”

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