Official Xbox Series X console skins are coming soon, starting with 'Starfield' and camo options

They're Microsoft's answer to Sony's custom PS5 covers.


Sony has been offering custom PlayStation 5 plates for quite some time now, including a recent version that brings a Spider-Man 2 look to the console. Microsoft, which has given away several custom Xbox Series S units in contests, is getting in on the action by selling official wraps for the Xbox Series X.

Along with two camouflage colors, Arctic Camo and Mineral Camo, a Starfield-inspired wrap will be available. Pre-orders for the wraps are open now. The $50 Starfield one will ship in the US, Canada and Europe on October 18th, while the $45 camo options will hit those regions on November 10th (though fans in Europe will miss out on the Arctic option for now).

The Starfield wrap matches a themed controller and headset Xbox recently started selling as it gears up for its most important game of the year. Bethesda's next giant RPG drops on September 6th, so you'll have to wait several more weeks for the Starfield console wrap if you want to go all in on the game's aesthetic.

The wraps are made up of solid core panels with "high-tech fabric finishes." They have a hook and loop system, as well as a silicone design on the interior, to keep them secure. Microsoft says it designed them to make sure that there was no impact on performance — the company notes that the wraps even have small feet on the bottom to help maintain airflow.

Third-party companies such as Dbrand (which previously ran into trouble with Sony over its PS5 plates) have long been selling custom skins for Xbox consoles. But this isn't exactly the first time Microsoft has waded into console customization. The Xbox 360 had swappable faceplates. However, the company later admitted this idea flopped.

Xbox Series X camouflage wraps. Custom skins give the console blue and grey camo looks.
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