Olympus cameras will be rebranded as OM System

OM Digital is working on an interchangeable lens camera based on the Micro Four Thirds system.

OM System

Olympus cameras are getting a new name. Parent company OM Digital has chosen OM System as the brand's new moniker.

There are still some Olympus cameras on the market and those won't be rebranded, so the two names will co-exist for a while. But eventually the old name will fade away as OM System introduces new models and phases out the current ones.

In addition to cameras and lenses, OM System plans to sell audio products, binoculars and other services. It's currently developing a Micro Four Thirds-based interchangeable lens camera. OM Digital plans to make more compact and lightweight systems using that standard while "accelerating the improvement of image quality and photographic expression through the use of computational photographic technology," according to a press release.

Olympus finalized the sale of its imaging division to Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) at the start of the year. JIP swiftly spun out OM Digital Solutions as a separate company to oversee Olympus (now OM System) cameras.