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Omorpho wants to make resistance training easier with its weighted workout clothing

You can add weight without compromising movement.


One of the problems with the traditional weight belts or vests is that they’re often bulky and ill-suited to you retaining your full range of motion. It’s a problem that Omorpho is looking to tackle with its new Gravity Sportswear, which spreads the weight across the garment. The rationale for this, and the use of what it’s calling MicroLoad Spheres which are dotted all over like Michael B. Jordan’s torso from Black Panther, is to offer greater resistance during workouts, but not at the expense of movement.

Omorpho may be a new company but it comes from some pretty experienced names, since it was founded by 21-year Nike veteran Stefan Olander. He is joined by a group of former Nike employees which have worked to build the clothes and finesse this system of weighting clothes. The process of developing the garments has reportedly taken more than three years, and uses premium fabrics in the construction. And there are a number of big-name athletes pitching the clothes, including Julio Jones and Annie Kunz.

The entire collection, which includes long and short-sleeve tops, vests and leggings, is available to buy from Omorpho's website today. Prices start from $150 for the biker short, through to $400 for the beefiest G-Vests, all of which have a set weight that they can add to your daily workout.