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One of our favorite mesh WiFi systems, TP-Link's Deco, is 30 percent off

Pick up three nodes for $330.


Mesh router systems are a great way to beef up your home’s WiFi network and one of the best-reviewed units out there is the TP-Link’s Deco XE75. You can now pick up this tri-band system for 30 percent off, from $450 down to $330. For the price, you get three units, or nodes, to place throughout the home. This isn’t the lowest price ever for this system, but it’s just $10 more than this year’s Prime Day deal.

So what’s so special about this system? It’s just solid on all fronts, offering an easy installation, seamless integration with the three major wireless bands (2.4, 5 and 6), connectivity with up to 200 devices and enough coverage to handle 7,200 square feet. You also get three analog ports for each node, totaling nine possible wired connections for gaming consoles, computers and other devices that demand ultra-high speeds.

In our round-up of the best mesh wireless systems, we wrote that TP-Link’s offering “expertly balances raw power and user-friendliness.” As a matter of fact, the only negatives we found were minor nitpicks, like shorter-than-average power cables and an app that could use a bit more polish.

There’s one potential downside for some consumers. This system comes with three units, making this the perfect set-up for larger-than-average homes of four bedrooms or more. If you live in a smaller home, you probably don’t need all of this mesh goodness. You’d be fine with one or two units, depending on the size of your space. These smaller packs are also on sale, but just 18 to 23 percent off, depending on which combo you go with.

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