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Ooni's Memorial Day sale discounts pizza ovens by up to 30 percent

You can snag the Fyra 12 for $245, instead of $350.


Sure, you could spend the summer grilling up burgers and dogs, but wouldn’t pizza be a nice change of pace? Ooni has discounted its pizza ovens by up to 30 percent as part of a Memorial Day sale.

The most notable item here is the Ooni Fyra 12 wood pellet pizza oven, which is $245 as part of the sale. This is a discount of 30 percent, or $105. That’s a fantastic deal for one of our very favorite pizza ovens. As an aside, Amazon has price-matched this particular deal, if you don’t feel like filling out payment information on yet another website.

This is a discount of 30 percent.

$245 at Ooni

The Fyra 12 won our award for the best compact pizza oven, and for good reason. It’s just over 20 pounds and doesn’t take up that much space when compared to rival models. It runs on wood pellets instead of chunks, so there’s much less tending to the fire. This oven excels with high-heat bakes, up to 950 degrees, which can fully cook a pizza in around a minute. This should provide plenty of char, which is pretty much the best part.

The compact footprint does have one downside. You see that “12” in the name? This oven maxes out at 12-inch pizzas. However, it can crank them out in a minute, so that’s two minutes for two pizzas. Delivery services used to brag about getting a pizza to your home in 30 minutes or less, but you could have 30 pies down the ole’ gullet by then.

Ooni’s sitewide sale isn’t just for pizza ovens, though there are plenty of them available. You can also snatch up discounted accessories, like charcoal, pizza steels, aprons and even branded t-shirts. The savings continue until May 27.

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