'Overcooked 2' for Switch will be free to play for a week

Just in time for Valentine's Day couples stuck at home.

Team17/Ghost Town Games

Don’t despair if the pandemic prevents you from marking Valentine’s Day with a night out — at least, not if you have a Switch. Nintendo, Team17 and Ghost Town Games are making the culinary co-op game Overcooked 2 free to play for Switch Online members from February 10th at 12PM Eastern to February 17th at 2:59AM Eastern. You and your special someone (or anyone, really) can save the world by prepping virtual meals, whether you’re together or need to go online.

It’s potentially an ideal game for the occasion. Success in Overcooked hinges on tight coordination as you race to prep ingredients and serve dishes. In theory, couples can reinforce their bond as they cook in harmony. Like with any co-op game, though, this could easily go south if you aren’t on the same wavelength. You might want to be patient with each other, especially if you’re still learning how to play.