Owlet's Cam 2 baby monitor uses AI to predict if a child is truly crying

The company's new predictive sleep tech could also help parents plan their own rest windows.


Owlet is giving tired parents new tools they can use to (hopefully) get little bit more sleep than what they're getting with a baby in the house. The company has launched the Owlet Cam 2, which uses AI and machine learning to decipher sounds from the nursery and determine whether the baby is truly crying. It sends parents notification through the Owlet Dream App when it detects sounds, motion or crying from the baby's room. The camera can also send parents video clips of sound and movement that they can watch on their phone anytime.

The 1080p HD camera comes with the features its predecessor has, including 4x zoom, night vision, two-way talk and room temp reading. However, unlike the previous version that only comes in white, it's also available in Sleepy Sage, Dusty Rose and Bedtime Blue.

Owlet has also rolled out a new predictive sleep technology feature for its system that automatically tracks the baby's sleep and wake windows when used with the company's Dream Sock. As its name implies, it can predict when the baby might be ready for sleep and can let parents know through the Owlet app — it can even adjust the child's anticipated sleep window as they age. That way, parents can plan their own rest periods and other activities around the baby's sleep schedule.

Predictive sleep will be available to both new and existing Dream Sock users through a firmware update slated for release today. Those who don't have a Dream Sock can still take advantage of the feature, though, by manually adding sleep sessions through Owlet's app.

The company originally sold its monitoring device as the Smart Sock, but it had to pull it from US shelves after getting a warning letter from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). While the FDA did not identify any safety concerns, the agency argued that it should be classified as a medical device due to its heart rate and oxygen level monitoring features. Owlet stopped selling the sock in the US last year to pursue the authority to market those features as part of the device's offerings. But company made it available for purchase in the US again earlier this year under a new name: the Dream Sock.

The Owlet Dream Duo that bundles a set of socks with a second-gen cam is now available for $439, but those who already have socks can get the the second-gen cam alone for $159. In the US, buyers can purchase the devices from Owlet's website, as well as from retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart and Best Buy.

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