Patreon creators can now publish subscriber-only podcasts on Spotify

They only need to sync the two accounts to get started.


At its Stream On event earlier this year, Spotify announced a partnership with Patreon that would bring subscriber-only podcasts from the creator platform to its streaming service. Today, that integration launches for all creators and users globally, allowing patrons to listen to exclusive content alongside other episodes on Spotify. If you stumble upon a show that you don't yet support monetarily, you can get access with a few taps from the show's page inside the streaming app.

Patreon podcasters only need to sync their account with Spotify to get started. Afterwards, all patron-exclusive content will be on a dedicated page on their Spotify show profile. Creators will have the option of adding promotional banners on their free episodes page to help drive subscription numbers. The integration of Patreon is powered by Spotify's Open Access, which was first announced in 2021. This technology allows shows that host subscription content on other platforms to use their existing log-in credentials to bring those podcasts to the streaming service. Other integrated platforms include Supporting Cast, Supercast and more. Additionally, Spotify has been offering paid podcast subscriptions through its audio production platform Anchor for over two years.

Just like that Anchor setup, any subscriber-only Patreon podcasts that you don't have access to will show up with a lock icon in the Spotify app. There's also a small "paid" tag next to the publish date and runtime info. When you tap the lock, a pop up will ask if you want to hear more from the creator before sending you to their Patreon page to view subscription info.

Spotify doesn't take a cut of subscriptions that are generated through Open Access. Patreon and Spotify both explain that creators will retain "full control" over their audiences, content and revenue while using the streaming service to expand their reach. There's no additional cost to integrate Patreon with Spotify either, and creators publishing both free and paid episodes can use the setup.