Peloton fitness gear will soon be available at Dick's Sporting Goods

You'll be able to buy Bike, Tread and Guide at more than 100 of the chain's brick-and-mortar stores.

Carlo Allegri / reuters

It's been a turbulent year for Peloton to say the least. Part of the company's plan to right the ship is to offer its connected fitness gear through third-party retailers. It started selling equipment through Amazon in August and now Peloton has an exclusive deal with a brick-and-mortar retailer. So, you soon may be able to walk into a Dick's Sporting Goods location and pick up a Bike, Tread or Guide after seeing it in person. It seems Dick's won't carry Peloton's new rowing machine for now, though.

The fitness gear and some accessories will be available in more than 100 Dick's retail locations in the US (there are more than 700 in total, as CNBC points out) and through the company's online sales channels in the coming weeks. The physical locations will have Peloton-branded fitness shops where the gear will be displayed and Dick's employees will be trained to help shoppers with the equipment.

Peloton says Dick's will be the only retailer that offers this selection of its hardware outside of its own online and physical stores. However, Peloton plans to start closing at least some of its showrooms next year.

At least to begin with, Peloton will handle delivery and setup if you order a Bike or Tread from Dick's. That may not last for long as the company announced plans in August to lay off members of its distribution team and rely entirely on third-party companies for deliveries and setting up equipment.

The Dick's partnership is part of Peloton's strategy to accelerate growth and increase revenue in the wake of dismal earnings results. Aligned with that blueprint, Peloton this month expanded Bike rentals to 48 states.