'Phantom Hellcat' promises hack-and-slash action with 2D and 3D mechanics

Polish publisher All in! Games has a new internal studio working on the project.

All in! Games

Sometimes, a game trailer just catches your eye. Phantom Hellcat is the first title in an original hack-and-slash universe from Ironbird Creations, a new studio under Ghostrunner and Chernobylite publisher All in! Games. Phantom Hellcat is a perspective-shifting action game that blends fantasy and pop culture, starring a young woman named Jolene on a mission to save the world from an encroaching evil force. You know, classic action fare.

The interesting bit of Phantom Hellcat is its shifting perspective, which transitions from 2D platforming to 3D close-quarters battling. The game has a skill tree, upgradeable masks with varying abilities and secrets to find in each level. Developers at Ironbird drew inspiration from the Nier series, which is a fantastic starting point for this type of experience.

Phantom Hellcat is coming to PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC at some point — there's no solid release date yet, but it's available to wishlist on Steam.