Pixar's new 'Lightyear' trailer portrays Buzz as a victim of relativity

The movie arrives in theaters June 17th.


Pixar has shared a second trailer for Lightyear, and the new clip sheds considerably more light on Buzz's origin story. As it turns out, the explorer turned action figure is the victim of Einstein's theory of relativity. When Lightyear conducts a "hyperspeed" test, he comes back 62 years later — many of the people and places he knows have changed. Naturally, it's up to him to set things right.

While the trailer shows considerably more of the story, it still leaves some mysteries unanswered. It doesn't show how Buzz becomes immortalized as a figurine in the Toy Story movies, or shed much light on other personas like Emperor Zurg.

The movie premieres in theaters on June 17th, with Chris Evans replacing Tim Allen as the voice of Buzz Lightyear. Sorry, folks, there won't be a prompt Disney+ launch this time. If there's anything that might coax people back into the real world, though, a spinoff of Pixar's best-known franchise might do the trick.