'Pokémon Go' introduces remote raids to encourage staying at home

Catch 'em all without putting yourself in danger.

Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images

Niantic is doing more to promote playing Pokémon Go at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The studio has introduced a purchasable Remote Raid Pass that lets you play shared raids (and earn legendary Pokémon) in your area without having to visit their real-world locations. Given that raids normally require multiple people congregating in the same place, this could prove to be a very literal life-saver.

There are other home-friendly changes coming, such as receiving bonus Field Research tasks and gifts from buddy Pokémon without having to visit a Pokéstop.

There are some limitations to the new raiding approach, which should be ready later in April. Niantic told The Verge that only a “limited number” of the usual 20-player maximum can use Remote Raid Passes, so your progress might not be as brisk as it was before. And these passes will cost you. You’ll have to spend 100 coins (or 99 cents) per pass, and you’ll get the most value if you buy in bulk. It could get expensive if you’re trying to fill out your mobile Pokédex through raids for the next little while.