Polaroid reveals its smallest-ever analog instant camera

Pre-orders are open for the $100 Polaroid Go.


Polaroid has revealed its smallest camera to date, and what it claims is the teeniest analog instant camera on the planet. Polaroid Go is designed to be worn wherever you go. It measures 4.1 inches long, 3.3 inches wide and 2.4 inches tall.

Polaroid Go boasts features such as a selfie mirror, dynamic flash, double exposure and a self-timer. There's a counter that displays how many more photos you can take before having to reload the film. It has a 750mAh battery that will let you capture up to 15 packs of photos on a single charge. The camera also has a shutter speed of 1/125-30sec with apertures of f/12 and f/52, along with a 34-mm (35-mm equivalent) focal length.

Polaroid Go

A smaller camera requires a more compact film stock, and Polaroid has just that in the form of Go film. It measures 2.623 x 2.122 inches (66.6 mm x 53.9 mm), with an image area of 1.851 x 1.811 inches (47 mm x 46 mm). It takes 10-15 minutes to develop the photos.

At least at the outset, Polaroid Go will only be available in a white colorway. Pre-orders are open now and the camera will be available on April 27th. The Polaroid Go costs $100 and a double pack of Go color film, which includes 16 frames, is $20.

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