Polestar 2 EV recalled over glitch that can cut power while driving

No one has been hurt so far.

REUTERS/Pierre Albouy

Polestar’s 2 EV is off to a rough start. The automaker told Dagens Industri (via Reuters) that it was recalling all examples of the Polestar 2 (nearly 2,200) due to a software glitch that led to power losses, even while the vehicle was driving. There have been no crashes or injuries, but the company nonetheless urged people to get the issue fixed quickly as possible by visiting a service station.

The company only started producing the Polestar 2 this year and sells it in only a handful of countries, including China and the US. About 600 have been sold so far in Polestar’s native Sweden. There hasn’t been much damage, then, and the company doesn’t expect sales to top 50,000 per year until two to three years from now.

Still, the recall comes at a less-than-ideal moment for Polestar. The 2 is considered one of the closest rivals to Tesla’s Model 3, and has both a Volvo association and the weight of Chinese car giant Geely behind it. The brand can’t afford too many missteps if it’s going to become a major force in EVs, and a dangerous software flaw certainly counts as one of those errors.