Porsche's 'Soundtrack My Life' delivers custom music based on your driving

It generates ambient music to go along with the open road or a traffic jam.


Porsche has developed a prototype system that plays custom, original music to your driving, whether you're on the open road or stuck in traffic, Autoblog has reported. The Soundtrack My Life project works something like game music, amping up the intensity depending on the "acceleration, speed and centrifugal forces in the car," according to Porsche.

Porsche's system isn't just a playlist of songs from streaming services, but original samples and snippets of music combined by an algorithm to match your driving. You get to pick the style of music you want, then the system starts to play the music. "The complexity of what comes to the ear is one-to-one dependent on how they drive," said Porsche Digital's Norman Friedenberger. "How fast they drive, and how hard they accelerate and brake." Once you slow down or stop, the music goes downtempo to match.

The idea is not to replace regular streaming but to give drivers another option. One advantage is that the system would play something original every time and could keep generating "new" music theoretically forever. "That's what's so exciting for the driver. They experience a new soundtrack every time. The format promises a long-lasting listening experience, at least three to five times longer than with linear music," said Friedenberger.

So far, Soundtrack My Life is in an experimental phase and Porsche has decided whether to put it into production yet. However, the automaker is currently in the process of testing the system in vehicles and creating an "overall experience."