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CarPlay in your classic Porsche, just what you needed

Porsche wants to put modern infotainment in your vintage frog car.


Porsche has announced new infotainment systems that combine modern features like CarPlay support and Bluetooth connectivity with classic design sensibilities. There are two versions of the Porsche Classic Communication Management system -- PCCM for short. The first is a single-DIN unit that features a 3.5-inch display. It's compatible with vintage Porsche models as far back as the first 911 models the automaker released in the 1960s.

Besides the built-in touchscreen, it features an SD card slot, USB port and an auxiliary input. As you can see from the photo Porsche shared (above), it also includes several analog buttons and dials to help it fit in seamlessly with the interior of an older car. 

Porsche PCCM Plus

For more modern vehicles from the 90s, including 986 generation Boxster models, Porsche is also releasing a double-DIN unit with a 7-inch display. Like its single-DIN counterpart, the PCCM Plus features USB and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as an SD card slot and an auxiliary port. The bigger unit is also compatible with Android Auto. Moreover, both units include support for DAB+, a digital radio standard that's popular outside of North America.

At €1,439.89 and €1,606.51 (approximately $1550 and $1729, respectively), the two units aren't exactly cheap. You could save money by buying an aftermarket unit, but chances are it will stick out like a sore thumb against a classic dashboard. Besides, if you're wealthy enough to own a vintage Porsche, the price of these units probably isn't an issue.

In a way, it's surprising we haven't seen more automakers release first-party infotainment systems that match with their older vehicles. Then again, most car companies would probably prefer you to buy one of their newest models to get access to a feature like CarPlay. The two stereo units are available through the German Porsche Classic site, though no word on US availability yet.