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Prime members can get a Blink Video Doorbell and two Outdoor cameras for $100

That's $140 off the full price for the set.


If you missed last week's one-day-only deal on Blink cameras, here's another opportunity to add video security to your home's exterior. Amazon is selling two third-generation wireless outdoor cameras plus a video doorbell and Sync Module for just $100, but you'll need to be a Prime member to get the discount. The sale could be related to the upcoming October Prime Day event, though there's no indication whether this savings will stick around until then. Bought separately at full price, the bundle would run you $240.

Prime members can get an outdoor security starter kit of sorts for just $100. The bundle comes with a video doorbell and two wireless outdoor security cameras. 

$100 at Amazon

These aren't the latest generation Outdoor cameras, which were announced last month — those have a wider field of view and better low-light sensitivity. But these third-gen cameras can still deliver 1080p daytime footage and infrared video at night. Both the cameras and the doorbell let you see, hear and talk to whomever stands before them and a live feed goes directly to your phone or compatible smart display via the Blink app. The included Synch Module 2 lets you store footage locally and supports USB downloads. If you want to store clips in the cloud, you'll need a Blink subscription, which goes for $10 a month. You get one free month with this bundle so you can try it out — just remember to cancel if you decide you don't want it after that.

Blink Outdoor cameras are one of our picks for the best smart home devices you can buy. We like the ease of setup and the battery efficiency (up to two years on a set of AA cells). The bundle's a good pick if you already use Alexa as your smart home assistant. However, if you prefer the Google Assistant or Siri and HomeKit to run your smart home, you'll probably want to go with a different brand, as Blink devices aren't natively compatible with those ecosystems.

The doorbell is wireless, but if you want it to ring inside your home when the button's pressed, you'll either need to connect it to your existing doorbell wires or, if you opt for a wireless setup, buy a Blink mini indoor camera. This bundle does include mounting hardware, so at least you won't need to make an extra purchase for that.

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