Proton Drive for Android can back up your photos to a private cloud server (edited)

Both images and metadata are end-to-end encrypted.


Cloud storage app Proton Drive is rolling out a new tool that automatically sends photos to a private cloud server, bringing the feature set closer to something like Google Drive. Not only does the software automatically sync and upload photos to its servers, but there’s a management tool that categorizes images based on when the photos were taken, which Proton calls “snapshots of your life.” All of these features are reserved for Android users.

All you have to do is download the update and enable photo uploads in the settings. Like all aspects of Proton Drive, the transfer will be end-to-end encrypted so you don’t have to worry about prying digital eyes. The encryption applies to the photo itself and any associated metadata.

As for revisiting the photos, the app lays them all out in a grid view, with preview options in a variety of file types, including panoramas, portraits, and even timelapse videos. It’s worth noting that Proton Drive already offered cloud storage for photos, but there wasn’t an automatic sync. Now there is. Android users rejoice, though the company has yet to announce an iOS version.

The update begins showing up today, but it’ll be a few days before everyone gets it. You know the drill. A 200GB Proton Drive subscription costs $5 per month, while a 500GB plan costs $13 each month. There’s a free tier, but it's only 1GB.

Proton has been busy this year. The company released a native Windows file-syncing app back in July and its very own password manager in April. It's well-regarded in the worlds of online encryption and security. There’s a reason, after all, why Proton VPN is our top choice virtual private network.

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