Proton's new password monitor update will scour the dark web on your behalf

It'll be looking for leaked email addresses.


Proton’s encrypted password manager, Proton Pass, has received a significant update with an emphasis on security. This comes in the form of a new toolset called Pass Monitor, which will alert users of account weaknesses and data breaches.

This is done automatically and the system will even guide users through solutions in the event of a data leak from a third-party service, which happens a whole lot. It also scours the dark web and alerts people if Proton addresses, email aliases and up to ten custom email addresses have been leaked and used for nefarious purposes. If this happens, you’ll get an alert so you can take action.

Pass Monitor includes a password health feature that flags any weak or reused passwords that could use an update. The inactive two-factor authentication portion of the toolset is an additional layer of security that identifies various accounts that offer the option for 2FA.

Finally, the company’s bringing its Proton Sentinel feature into Pass Monitor. The service uses a combination of AI and human analysts to detect and block account takeover attacks.

The password health and 2FA checks are available to free users, but monitoring of the dark web and Proton Sentinel are only for paying members. Luckily, Pass Plus memberships are currently on sale for $2 per month. These new tools, available on Windows, Android and iOS, will roll out to current users in the “next few days.”

Proton is actually a fairly new entrant in the password security game, as the password manager just celebrated its one-year birthday. The company is more famous for its stellar VPN software, which topped our list of the best VPNs.

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