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Nike's PlayStation 5-themed shoes arrive next month

Two different colors of the PG5 x PS5 will reportedly go on sale for $110 each.

LaceupHK (Instagram)

In 2018 Paul George talked up his PlayStation fandom while introducing a PG 2.5 shoe with lights and sounds linked to Sony's console, and now there's a PlayStation 5 set on the way for his latest silhouette. Pictures showing two different colorways of the PG 5 x PS5 popped up on Instagram in late March, and according to Sneaker Files, both will go on sale in May for $110.

Previous releases of the PlayStation / Nike collaborations have been extremely limited, so your chance of buying a pair is at least as remote as getting an actual PlayStation 5 right now. It wouldn't be a surprise if most of the people able to snag either one at this point end up heading directly to StockX to resell it, but if you're trying to find the console or the sneakers — good luck.