Quibi offers a preview of its originals on YouTube

YouTube availability means you can cast the videos to your TV.

Devindra Hardawar/Engadget

By this point, you're probably familiar with Quibi and its unique approach to video streaming, but you may not have seen how it plays out in action. The mobile-first platform allows you to watch its originals in both landscape and portrait orientations. You can switch between the two at any time, and the video will take up the entirety of your phone's display thanks to the fact every show is shot and edited for both landscape and portrait viewing.

Something you couldn't do before today is to see how Quibi's approach plays out on a TV screen. Now you can after the company uploaded the pilot episodes of three of its original series -- Most Dangerous Game, The Stranger and Dummy -- to YouTube.

Using separate links, you can watch all three episodes in both orientations. By viewing the episodes on YouTube, you can also cast the videos to your TV, which is something the Quibi app doesn't allow you to do at the moment. However, you can't switch between orientations on-the-fly like you can through the Quibi app. The company said last week it plans to add limited support for TV-casting next month.

Quibi’s decision to upload some of its originals to YouTube comes just as the company’s introductory 90-day trial offer comes to an end. That said, if you like what you can see after watching the three episodes on YouTube, you’ll still be able to grab a two-week trial.