Quip’s new Smart Brush and app rewards you for brushing your teeth

A new Smart Motor in the electric toothbrush connects to the app.


Oral care company Quip announced today it’s upgrading its signature product, the electric toothbrush, with a new Smart Brush. The new brush has the signature features of Quip’s OG Electric Toothbrush -- it still sticks on your mirror and guides you through a two-minute brushing routine with timed sonic vibrations. However, the new product also contains a Smart Motor and comes with a new mobile app that, working together, send you reminders to keep up your brushing routine, help you improve your skills and more.

The free Quip app connects to your Smart Brush to tell you how well and how often you brush. If you consistently brush twice per day, you’ll earn rewards that include free Quip refills or gift cards. Of course, you can still subscribe to quarterly brush and battery refills, which cost $5.

Quip Smart Brushes start at $45 -- the OG brush is $25 -- and are also available in a mini kid’s brush size. If you’re one of Quip’s more than 5 million existing customers, you can upgrade for $20 by swapping your brush’s existing motor for a smart one.

Quip has said that it’s mission is “to make great oral health simple, accessible and enjoyable.” In addition to offering relatively affordable electric toothbrushes, they’ve already attempted to tackle accessible dental care with its pay-as-you-go dental plan, Quipcare. The Smart Brush technology doesn’t seem quite as impressive as Oral B.’s forthcoming iO toothbrush or Colgate’s Plaqless Pro, but maybe gamifying the tooth-brushing experience will help make it more enjoyable and easier to stick to.

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