Razer's BlackWidow Elite keyboard drops to an all-time low $70 at Best Buy

Get a full-featured gaming keyboard at the price of a lower-end model.

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Razer BlackWidow Elite gaming keyboard
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You might not have to spend a small fortune if you crave a mechanical gaming keyboard. Best Buy is selling Razer’s BlackWidow Elite wired keyboard with Green switchesfor just $70, well under the regular $130. Amazon is selling it for the same price, too. That’s an all-time low price for the keyboard, which has dropped to $85 multiple times in the past. It’s only $10 more than Razer’s entry-level, membrane-based Cynosa v2 — easily worth the extra spend if you prefer a clicky mechanical design.

Buy Razer BlackWidow Elite at Best Buy - $70 Buy Razer BlackWidow Elite at Amazon - $70

The BlackWidow Elite’s Green switches promise both fast response times and stability when you’re in the middle of a fast-paced gaming session. This is a sprawling 108-key unit, too, with a programmable dial, three equally customizable media keys and a palm rest. And of course, there’s Chroma RGB lighting to complement your gaming rig.

This won’t appeal to everyone. Compact keyboard fans will want to head elsewhere, of course, while the Green switches are louder and more tactile than their Yellow counterparts. The Elite also isn’t Razer’s most advanced keyboard (you’ll want to look at options like the BlackWidow V3 Pro for that). Still, it’s a solid pick if you prefer mechanicals and don’t want to make many compromises.

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