Razer's latest Huntsman Mini brings analog sensitivity to tiny keyboards

The Huntsman Mini Analog promises more control in an ultra-compact design.


Want a smaller Razer keyboard than the Huntsman, but don't want to give up the analog feel from some of the company's other models? You now have a viable option. Razer has introduced a Huntsman Mini Analog keyboard that preserves the ultra-compact 60 percent design of the regular Huntsman Mini, but uses "analog optical" switches. The finer-grained key action will help you dial in your preferred sensitivity, as you might guess, but you can also use it to replace analog controls in some games (such as the accelerator in a racing sim) or even assign two functions to the same key depending on force.

The RGB-lit keyboard is billed as durable between its aluminum body and double-shot PBT key caps. The USB-C cable is fully detachable to make this micro-Huntsman easier to carry.

Razer is selling the Huntsman Mini Analog today for $150. That's no small amount, especially if you're used to full-size keyboards, but it might be easy to justify if you're a fan of the brand or want truly flexible analog input.

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