Razer's second-gen Kishi controller is now available for iPhone

Like the Android version, the latest model for iOS costs $100.


The second-gen Razer Kishi mobile gaming controller is now available for iPhone. As with the Android version Razer revealed a few months ago, the gamepad costs $100. You can order it from Razer's website.

The biggest change from the first Kishi is to the mechanism that holds the two sides together and keeps your phone in place. Razer has ditched the flexible bridge in favor of a sturdier sliding version (similar to the setup used by its rival, Backbone). This makes Kishi V2 compatible with all modern iPhones —namely iPhone 6S and later handsets, as well as both iPhone SE generations. What's more, if you remove the rubber inserts, you may be able to keep your phone's case on when you slot it into place.

Additionally, Razer has swapped out the switches, replacing the V1's membranes with the microswitches from its Wolverine V2 console controllers. "This delivers advantages in actuation responsiveness, comfort and tactile feedback," Razer claims. Meanwhile, there's now a Share button on the front and two additional programmable buttons next to the triggers.

Users can set up those buttons in the Razer Nexus app. You'll also need that app to share your gameplay on YouTube or Facebook when you hit the Share button. Moreover, you'll be able to find supported games through the app, which you can launch with a dedicated gamepad button.

The Kishi V2 works with cloud gaming devices (including Xbox Cloud Gaming and Google Stadia), remote play apps for consoles and PC and iPhone games that support MFi controllers. There's a Lightning port for passthrough charging but, sadly, no 3.5mm headphone jack.

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