Razer made a Bluetooth lapel mic for mobile streamers

The Seiren Bluetooth promises better audio away from your computer.


Razer's latest livestreaming gear is built for broadcasts far away from your desk. The company has unveiled the Seiren Bluetooth, its first Bluetooth lapel microphone. The clip-on design's omnidirectional mic and AI-based noise suppression are built to help mobile streamers and vloggers who want better voice quality than their phone can offer, particularly in noisy situations.

The lapel mic includes a 3.5mm jack for monitoring through headphones, and you can customize it through the Razer Streaming App to tweak the noise suppression levels, reduce latency for game streams and adjust sidetone for monitoring. The battery lasts for up to four hours with AI enabled and six hours with AI disabled, or enough for a lengthy IRL stream. Included socks help reduce popping and wind noise both indoors and outside.

The Seiren Bluetooth is available for $100 and should work with "all" phones as well as common streaming apps like Streamlabs, Twitch and YouTube. Whether or not that's a good value may depend on your needs. Razer is most eager to compare the Seiren to Sabinetek's similarly-equipped $140 SmartMike+, but this also assumes you insist on a wireless option. You can spend considerably less if you're happy with a USB- or Lightning-based wired lapel mic.

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