Razer reveals new mics for pro and casual streamers

The $150 Seiren V2 Pro and $100 V2 X are available now.


Razer has refreshed its lineup of microphones aimed at streamers with new versions of two Seiren models. The Seiren V2 Pro and Seiren V2 X are both plug and play mics with a high pass filter to mitigate unwanted low frequencies and an analog gain limiter to tackle voice distortion.

The mics each have a gain dial and mute button as well as a headphone jack, while the V2 Pro also has a volume dial. They’re both said to be fully customizable for mixing and sound profiles, and there’s integration with audio mixing software via Razer Synapse.

The V2 Pro is a dynamic microphone with 20 Hz frequency response to pick up a full range of audio, according to Razer. The company says it’s an improvement on its Elite offering and it delivers “rich and powerful vocals” with “superior clarity and noise dampening.”

Meanwhile, the V2 X is a new version of the Seiren X, which emerged in 2017. It's a 25mm condenser mic with a supercaridoid pickup pattern, which Razer suggests bolsters the device’s voice isolation capabilities. The company is promising “crisp and natural vocals” with the V2 X as well.

Razer recently introduced a webcam and capture card for streaming newbies and an entry-level headset for console gamers. However, the latest mics are aimed at professional and casual streamers who might want to improve the sound quality of their streams. The V2 Pro costs $150, while the V2 X is $100. Both are available now, as is the Seiren Mini, which Razer debuted a year ago.

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