Recommended Reading: No legs in the metaverse

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Why you can't have legs in virtual reality (yet)

Rachel Metz, CNN Business

Have you ever wondered by no one seems to have legs in the metaverse? It turns out tracking your feet and legs isn't a walk in the park.

Reselling gig work is TikTok's new side hustle

Mia Sato, The Verge

You've likely heard "work smarter, not harder" at some point in your life, but the latest TikTok side hustle is taking that in a whole new direction. Resellers are flipping things like graphic design for a profit, thanks to cheap labor from freelancers.

Inside Facebook's African sweatshop

Billy Perrigo, Time

We've seen numerous reports over the years about the working conditions for Facebook content moderators, but people at a Nairobi office tasked with watching violent and abusive content are among the lowest paid in the world.

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