Recommended Reading: Restaurants vs. food delivery apps

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Carlo Allegri / reuters

The fight to rein in delivery apps

Helen Rosner, The New Yorker

The pandemic has intensified the fight between food delivery apps and restaurants. High commissions and courier compensation are key issues, but now that these services have become an essential part of most restaurants' business these days, regulation or a massive update to the delivery app model is well overdue.

Facebook banned me for life because I help people use it less

Louis Barclay, Slate

A developer built a browser extension called "Unfollow Everything" that allowed Facebook users to essentially disable the News Feed by unfollowing friends, groups and pages while retaining other "positive features." The company threatened legal action and demanded Barclay never create tools that interact with its services again.

The Facebook whistleblower, Frances Haugen, says she wants to fix the company, not harm it

Jeff Horwitz, The Wall Street Journal

Ahead of her congressional testimony this week, Frances Haugen explained to WSJ why she came forward and why, despite the appearances, she's actually trying to help the company reform itself.

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