Recommended Reading: How Sony's AI outran the best sim racers

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Sony AI

Sony’s racing AI destroyed its human competitors by being nice (and fast)

Will Douglas Heaven, MIT Technology Review

Gran Turismo Sophy is a computer program built by Sony AI that debuted in 2020. It was trained to drive in Gran Turismo and the company put it up against some of the best human sim racers in private events. In the process, Sony learned a lot about how AI could work alongside people — both on the road and off.

‘A uniquely dangerous tool’: How Google's data can help states track abortions

Alfred Ng, Politico

Several states that are moving to ban abortion also use a tool that could be leveraged to monitor women's locations from their phones. There is growing alarm that the information could be used by police or prosecutors to go after both patients and physicians.

Exclusive: Fake accounts fueled the ‘Snyder Cut’ online army

Tatiana Siegel, Rolling Stone

It turns out the fan-led campaign to #ReleaseTheSnyderCut had some help in convincing WarnerMedia to finally reveal the extended director's cut of Justice League.