Recommended Reading: Telegram is playing with fire

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Telegram's dangerous game

Casey Newton, Platformer

Telegram was almost banned in Brazil because it missed some emails from the local authorities. In his newsletter, Newton explains why this is the latest in a series of troubling decisions from a platform with over 500 million users. "When you’re providing critical communications infrastructure to tens of millions of people, though, you have more responsibility," he writes.

Here’s how an algorithm guides a medical decision

Nicole Wetsman, The Verge

Artificial intelligence is being used for all sorts of things in medicine, one of which is predicting if a patient is at risk for conditions like diabetes or cardiovascular issues. However, it can be difficult for us as members of the public to understand how these algorithms work. The Verge guides us through one called Sepsis Watch, a system that monitors patients for a potentially deadly condition following an infection.

Ukraine’s engineers battle to keep the internet running while Russian bombs fall around them

Thomas Brewster, Forbes

Elon Musk's Starlink satellites are helping to provide internet access in Ukraine in the midst of the ongoing Russian invasion, but crews on the ground are venturing into dangerous areas to fix equipment that was already in place that's being damaged by bombings.