Recommended Reading: The life of a dropshipper

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Bet_Noire via Getty Images

‘It’s bullshit’: Inside the weird, get-rich-quick world of dropshipping

Sirin Kale, Wired

In Bali, co-working spaces are filled with remote workers looking to make big bucks — and to do so quickly. Through a process called dropshipping, sellers are able to target would-be buyers via Facebook and Instagram ads with products they never see or store themselves. Purchased items are shipped directly from warehouses which can lead to long delivery times, and in some cases, a lot more trouble than its worth for all parties. Still, this lucrative business scheme is popular for those looking to make a handsome sum without leaving paradise.

We read the privacy policies of Skype, Meet, and Webex: 10 ways videoconferencing systems can better protect privacy for customers

Bill Fitzgerald, Consumer Reports

With all the attention on Zoom’s lax security measures now that we’re all working at home, the Digital Lab at Consumer Reports took a close look at the privacy policies of other popular video conferencing services. As you might expect, the inspection concluded with a list of items the companies can do to better protect their users. This is worth a read if you use Skype, Google Meet or Webex — especially if you haven’t read the privacy policies yourself.

Fortnite's Travis Scott concert was historic. But he's not the only artist getting creative.

William E. Ketchum III, NBC News

Travis Scott’s Fortnite virtual concert drew over 27.7 million unique players. The 10-minute set was huge for both the artist and the game, but Scott isn’t the only musician, singer or rapper forced to get creative under quarantine. From DJs spinning sets on Instagram Live to carefully coordinated at-home performance events — and even near-daily sets from solo acts — the show goes on. COVID-19 has halted touring and in-person gatherings but it hasn’t stopped your favorite artists from performing. And now, they’re more accessible than ever.