Recommended Reading: Zoom's security struggles

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Albert Gea / Reuters

'Every day is a crisis': Zoom boosts its security as scrutiny grows

Cyrus Farivar and Jo Ling Kent, NBC News

As many of us are working and attending school from home, Zoom has become a popular vehicle for video meetings and classroom sessions. During the last month, the company has drawn increasing scrutiny over its security practices from both the public and government officials. NBC News offers a look at the company’s current predicament in a chat with CEO Eric Yuan.

A sex doll stole my identity

James Trew, Playboy

A 23-year-old woman tells the story of how her Instagram posts were used to create a sex doll based on her appearance. When a follower alerted her to a forum about the matter, it began an insane series of events. In an era where deepfakes are commonplace, it seems the new fakes are “real” objects.

Clever cryptography could protect privacy in COVID-19 contact-tracing apps

Andy Greenberg, Wired

There’s been a lot of talk about using smartphone apps to track the spread of COVID-19. However, each new proposal is almost immediately met with a list of privacy concerns. Wired has the details on three separate projects and how each one has the goal of helping the public without sacrificing privacy.

Zuckerberg’s jealousy held back Instagram and drove off founders

Sarah Frier, Bloomberg Businessweek

In an excerpt from her book No Filter, Frier chronicles how Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg drove away Instagram founder and CEO Kevin Systrom after the social network company acquired the photo-sharing app.

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