Reddit CEO will host an AMA on API changes as thousands of subreddits plan to 'go dark'

More than 3,000 subreddits have signed on to a two-day blackout.


Reddit CEO Steve Huffman will publicly address the community for the first time over the company’s planned API changes that have sparked mass outrage on the platform. “Reddit CEO, u/spez, will be here tomorrow to host an AMA about the latest API updates, including accessibility, mod bots, and third-party mod tools,” the company shared in a brief update.

A Reddit spokesperson said the AMA would likely kick off around 10:30 AM PT on Friday, June 9th. News of the AMA comes just after the developers of Apollo and RIF, two of the most popular third-party reddit clients, said they would be shutting down their apps at the end of the month due to the company’s new API pricing.

The AMA will take place just three days before a mass protest among much of the Reddit community over the controversial changes. More than 3,000 subreddits, including several with more than 1 million subscribers, have said they plan to “go dark” for 48 hours beginning June 12th.

With the upcoming protests, and the closure of two beloved apps, tensions are likely to run high during the AMA. Notably, Reddit’s post about the upcoming Q&A doesn’t directly refer to third-party clients, though they will likely feature prominently in users’ questions. Instead, the company highlighted accessibility features and moderation tools, both of which stand to be impacted by the API changes as well, though the company has made some concessions in those areas.