Reddit's reveals r/AmItheAsshole was its most popular subreddit in 2022

Check your own Reddit Recap to see a summary of time you spent on the platform.


Reddit has unveiled its end-of-year Recap for 2022 and detailed some key stats on the site and communities for the year. It now has over 100,000 active communities globally, and saw some 430 million posts, up 14 percent over last year. The site also saw some 2.5+ billion comments (up 7 percent year-over-year) and 24 billion upvotes.

Among all those communities, the number one most-viewed was r/amitheasshole (aka AITA). Meanwhile, r/worldnews climbed to number three, while r/ukraine had 1.8 billion views, up 76 percent from last year. In this year's edition of r/place (effectively the world's largest digital quilt blanket), redditors from 236 countries contributed 160+ million tiles, including art, memes and more.

Along with stats for the year, the company also announced that its Reddit Recap is back for individual users. It lets you see localized and translated stats for your year on the platform, like your most upvoted comment. At the end of the recap, you can see how you stack up against other users with the awarding of a "Rare," "Epic" or "Legendary" superpower status.

Reddit's traffic may have benefited this year from a new Google feature that made it easier to search results from Reddit and other forums. Reddit itself also finally made comments searchable, letting you see results from replies to posts and not just the original posts. For more on Reddit Recap 2022, check r/recap.