Republicans attack Biden with a fully AI-generated ad

The video popped up soon after the president announced his re-election bid.


It's not a huge surprise that the Republican National Committee (RNC) had attack ads ready to go whenever President Joe Biden officially announced his re-election campaign. What's novel this time is that the video uses imagery generated by artificial intelligence to present the RNC's vision of what the world may look like if Biden wins again in 2024.

The RNC told Axios it was the first time it had used a video that was made entirely with AI. The ad starts by depicting Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris at an election victory party. Although there's a faint disclaimer in the top-left corner noting that the ad was "built entirely with AI imagery," there's a dead giveaway that it's not a real photo of Biden and Harris — both of the smiling, AI-generated figures have far too many teeth.

The ad goes on to depict several domestic and international incidents that the RNC suggests might happen if the Biden-Harris ticket wins again. "This morning, an emboldened China invades Taiwan," a fake news announcer says, for instance. The ad goes on to stoke fears of a financial crisis prompted by the closures of hundreds of regional banks, as well as border agents being overrun by asylum seekers and the military taking over San Francisco due to "escalating crime and the fentanyl crisis."

This particular ad doesn't stray too far from the kinds of talking points one might expect Republicans to hit in an attack ad. But the video is a sobering bellwether of what we may see more of from political campaigns in the months and years to come. It's not difficult to imagine AI-generated images depicting outright falsehoods in attack ads.