'Resident Evil 4' remake gameplay shows tense but familiar action

A story trailer also highlights the amped-up horror.


It's now clearer just how Capcom will handle the Resident Evil 4 remake. Both a story trailer from Capcom and a gameplay preview from IGN show that the developer isn't messing with the core mechanics of the 2005 classic even as ramps up the horror. While the re-do is certainly creepier (particularly in cutscenes), the hectic action of the original RE4 appears to be intact. You're fighting hordes of infected villagers who won't hesitate to gut you with a chainsaw or pitchfork.

The remake still revolves around agent Leon Kennedy's mission to rescue the US President's daughter, Ashley Graham, from a Spanish village controlled by a parasite-worshipping cult. As you might guess, though, the plan quickly goes sideways. Just don't expect a rehash. While RE4's over-the-shoulder perspective and other mechanics are still present (with up-to-date controls), Capcom has emphasized that the development team is "reimagining" elements of the plot.

The Resident Evil 4 remake arrives March 24, 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC (via Steam). PlayStation VR2 owners will get special content when that headset arrives. This may not as huge a rework as for earlier games in the series (those were wholesale gameplay reinventions), but it's still important. RE4 was popular in part because it represented a major shift for the franchise, both in terms of game systems and storyline. The overhaul has to strike a balance between appreciating that sharp turn while acknowledging that gamers' expectations have changed 17 years later.

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