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Ring adds 'panic' buttons to its home security alarm

You can instantly get in contact with police, fire or medical responders.

Ring Alarm
Daniel Cooper
Daniel Cooper|@danielwcooper|April 10, 2020 9:15 AM

Ring’s first home security alarm did its job, but wasn’t exactly the prettiest piece of hardware you’ll find on the shelf. Now, almost two years later, the company is back with a second-generation Ring Alarm that’s a lot smaller and sleeker than its predecessor. The big change, aside from the look, is that the keypad now has “panic” buttons that’ll call Medical, Fire or Police services if you so desire. 

For $200 you get a five-piece kit, including a Base Station, Keypad, a single contact sensor and motion detector, as well as a range extender. And should your square-footage be much larger, you can go up to $330 for a 14-piece set that includes two keypads, eight contact sensors and two motion detectors. 

Naturally, Ring’s products are only as good as the service you bolt on to them, and the company wants you to opt for its $100-per-year Ring Protect Plus subscription. For that you get 60-days worth of video history, professional monitoring and extended warranties on all devices. 

The company has received criticism about how effective its products are, and how well it respects and protects personal data. A recent security controversy and disclosure about ad tracking has forced the company to make some big changes about third-party data requests. And Ring’s Neighbors surveillance network has drawn fire in Washington for its Orwellian potential. 

Ring Alarm (2nd Generation) $199.99

Ring adds 'panic' buttons to its home security alarm