Ring's home security system finally ships July 4th for $199

A lawsuit pushed back the launch from October.

After navigating a lawsuit that put sales on hold, Ring is finally putting its home security system on sale. Ring Alarm includes a base station, motion sensor, door/window sensor, range extender and keypad in the $199 base package. You can augment your system with more motion ($30) and window and door sensors ($20) to cover your entire home if you like.

You can take out a $10/month subscription (without a long-term contract) for professional monitoring, or you can opt to deal with any alarms or alerts yourself. The system can also connect with Ring's doorbells and security cameras -- the subscription plan includes unlimited video recording for those devices, along with LTE backup in case your WiFi clunks out.

You can control or monitor your setup with the Ring app, though you can set and disarm the system using the keypad if you're away from your phone. The alarm is designed for easy installation, so you can set it up yourself. Pre-orders for Ring Alarm are open, and it should ship July 4th.

It's been a long road for Ring to start shipping Alarm, following some legal trouble. ADT claimed Ring had stolen the technology used for its own equipment, which was developed by a third-party. That led to a judge blocking sales of Ring Protect (as it was known at the time) back in November, soon after the device was announced. One Amazon acquisition (and presumably some legal wrangling) later, Ring Alarm is finally on sale.