Riot Games bought a stake in the animation studio behind 'Arcane'

Riot and Fortiche have worked together for years.


Riot Games has worked closely with Arcane animation studio Fortiche for years, and now the two are cementing their creative union. Riot has made an equity investment giving it a "significant" but non-controlling stake in Fortiche. It has also added two leaders, Chief Content Officer Brian Wright and Director of Corporate Development Brendan Mulligan, to Fortiche's board of directors.

The game developer didn't reveal the exact value or timing of the investment. The deal closed sometime "earlier this year," according to Riot.

You may have seen this coming. Riot and Fortiche first worked together on the 2013 video introducing Jinx to League of Legends, and they've collaborated on projects including K/DA's "Popstars," two Imagine Dragons team-ups and the music video for the 2018 LoL World Championship anthem "Rise." Throw in the success that prompted work on a second season of Arcane (the first season topped global Netflix charts for three weeks) and it's clear the two companies thrive on each other's successes.

Neither firm detailed just how the investment would help. However, Fortiche is partnering with Riot on "other to-be-announced projects" on top of more Arcane. The extra money could help Fortiche bring those efforts to fruition and give Riot more opportunities to promote its games — whatever Riot spends now could pay dividends with more players and esports viewers.