Rob banks with reckless abandon in 'Payday 3' on September 21st

Shoot, loot and steal your way into financial security and comfortable retirement.

Starbreeze Studios

We got our first glimpse at gameplay from the newest entry in the long-running Payday game series during the Xbox Games Showcase at Summer Game Fest Sunday. Starbreeze Studios may have assumed the franchise's helm from Overkill, but it looks like Payday 3 will deliver the same fraught and frenetic first person shooting that fans have come to expect.

In the demo at Sunday's showcase, a familiar-looking quartet of gunmen sets about taking over and looting a neighborhood bank through the application of aggressive intimidation tactics, a variety of high tech gadgets and a whole lot of downrange fire. Gameplay mechanics like hostage-taking (which previously allowed robbers to trade in captured civilians after for taking too much damage and being "arrested") appear to still be very much a part of the new title. Payday 3 arrives on September 21st for Xbox X|S (and presumably other platforms as well).

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