Roblox now allows creators to build content for people 17 and older

Eligible players will have access to the new content in the coming weeks.


Roblox has traditionally been most popular among kids and pre-teens, despite it claiming to be a “platform for all ages.” Now, in a departure from its family-friendly reputation, the company says it will allow creators to make content specifically for users 17 and older. This isn’t an insignificant portion of Roblox’s user base either – the platform said in its press release Tuesday that in 2022, 38 percent of its daily active users were over 17.

In particular, Roblox says that creators will be able to “feature more mature themes and storylines in TV shows and stand-up comedy.” According to the company, this may include violence, blood, crude humor, romantic themes and alcohol. Players may see “unplayable” gambling content as well — the company clarified that you can do things like designing a casino or showing NPCs playing cards, and games of luck and chance are also fine to include. But you can't design simulated gambling, so even things like playing with virtual chips or any kind of betting isn't allowed.

To access this content you’ll need to verify your age by uploading a photo of your driver’s license or ID along with a selfie to verify that you are who you say you are. Roblox says that this system will provide “greater confidence in people’s age and identity,” and that more age verification methods may be added in the future.

Eligible creators can start making these experiences starting today. These experiences will start rolling out to “eligible” users in the coming weeks. Roblox says that its goal is to provide a safe and engaging experience for people ages 17 or older. The company confirmed that eligible users simply need to share their photo and driver's license to participate.

Roblox has traditionally marketed itself to younger audiences. For example, earlier this year, the company partnered with Razer to release kid-specific Roblox Edition gaming gear. But with a little over a third of that user base being over the age of 17, it makes sense that the company wants to provide more content geared toward adults.

Update, June 21st 2023, 7PM ET: This article has been updated to clarify Roblox's guidelines around "unplayable" gambling content as well as how to become eligible to create or play age 17-plus content.