Rocket League's Formula 1 Fan Pack arrives May 20th

And expect to see even more F1 content over the years.

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F1 Rocket League Fan Pack

It was inevitable, really. After mining our '80s nostalgia a few years ago, Rocket League is now gearing up to introduce F1 cars tomorrow, May 20th. The Formula 1 Fan Pack will run you 2000 credits (or around $18-$20), and it'll include an F1 2021 car (complete with a unique decal), ten team decals and Pirelli tires. You can also expect to find liveries from F1 2021 Championship racers, including the McLaren F1 Team and Red Bull Racing Honda. The Fan Pack will only be available until May 26th, which should prompt F1 fans to lock in their orders soon. You'll also find a free F1 player banner starting on May 20th.

The Fan Pack Pack doesn't really hold any surprises, judging from the trailer above. It's Rocket League, but with with sleek F1 vehicles. You can also expect to see more of a collaboration between the game and F1 over the next few years, according to developer Psyonix.  

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