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Rode's Wireless Go II can now be controlled via Android and iOS apps

The Central mobile app gives you fine control of gain settings and more.
Rode's Central app for Wireless Go II microphones comes to mobile
Steve Dent
Steve Dent|@stevetdent|October 15, 2021 7:35 AM

Rode has unveiled the Central Mobile app for the $299 Wireless Go II lavalier-type microphone, allowing users to unlock advanced features, control settings and more. It also announced that the Wireless Go II is now compatible with its Rode Connect software designed for multi-host podcasting and streaming on a single PC. 

Rode Central initially arrived as a desktop app, but a mobile version will be a lot more convenient for location and field work. As with the PC version, it'll let users switch between "merged" and "split" recording modes when interviewing two subjects, adjust the gain settings, unlock fine gain control, activate safety channels and more. Users will also be able to update the Wireless Go II with the latest firmware updates. 

Rode originally launched the Connect PC app to simplify recording of multi-host podcasts, but it only supported desktop-style USB microphones to start with. Now, you can connect the Wireless Go II system as well, marking one of the first times "that a compact wireless microphone system has been fully integrated with podcasting or streaming software," Rode said. 

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Rode Central for mobile is now available to download for free, and you can find Rode Connect here. 

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Rode's Wireless Go II can now be controlled via Android and iOS apps