Roguelike ‘33 Immortals’ has 33-player co-op

Indie developer Thunder Lotus’ dungeon crawler arrives in 2024.

Thunder Lotus

Indie studio Thunder Lotus announced a game today that invites you to “Face the Wrath of God.” 33 Immortals is the Spiritfarer developer’s new co-op action / roguelike that supports up to 33 players.

“Pick-up and raid, cooperate to survive hordes of monsters and rise above the Almighty,” the title’s description reads. The game’s trailer shows 33-player co-op rendered with an art style that reminds me of old Space Ghost cartoons (meant as a compliment). However, the somewhat retro appearance may have made it easier for Thunder Lotus to render 33 simultaneous co-op players along with enemies and its dungeon-crawling environment.

Thunder Lotus says 33 Immortals will be available on Game Pass, Xbox Series X / S and the Epic Games Store in 2024. You can check out the reveal trailer below.

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